The Dress!!

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The Dress. They say that “when you know, you know.”  Kind of like your fiancé right?

Well a while back I went and had a chat with Morgan at Cicada Bridal on the process of purchasing a dress — and maybe got to play around a little.

Words of advice that I got straight from a woman whose everyday is saying “Yes” to the dress:

A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman- it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.  

- Carolina Herrera

  • The less people the better.  The less noise the better. Everyone has opinions, and no one person is the same.  You could go solo, you could take a friend, you could take your planner, you could take your mom, but you don’t need to involve everyone.  At least for your first time looking. It is about you.

Just go in and try things on. . . .things you may even think ‘I would never wear that’.  Give yourself that freedom.

-Vera Wang

  • Be open to trying something different. You may go in thinking that you are going to get a ball gown, but then you see that mermaid gown … you like showing those curves. Or if you thought for sure you would be wearing a sheath dress, try on the ballgown. If nothing else, appreciate the experience. Be Open. Most brides find that once they see the selection and fit, they are glad they went out of their comfort.

  • You can always take in — go bigger. 90% of brides want to lose weight. From the moment they are engaged they start a diet to make sure they are perfect for their wedding — but if you are a size 8 and plan to lose weight, still order the size 8, maybe even the 10.  The dress will be measured and adjusted to fit your body — a seamstress can work with cutting excess, but having to add is another story.

  • Give yourself a good 6-8 months for this process. Most wedding dresses aren’t just a buy off of the rack — they are specially made for you. Once you order the dress, the dress will be made. You should allow a few months for the dress to be made. You will then have an initial fitting, about 2-3 months out. Your final fitting will be about a month before your wedding.

Never lose sight that this is your day and if you want to wear a royal blue sequined leotard — it is your right. Let your style shine.

At the end of the day, it’s the bride who makes the dress- not the other way around.

- Kang Chun Lin, Enzoani