How I Work


When you hire me, I'm on your team. The moment you hire me I'm a resource for you, bringing all my wedding and event experience to the table - from catering to etiquette to managing vendors to the tiny event details that make the biggest impact.

I'm good at taking anxiety off your plate. Big events are stressful, and regardless of my scope of work I'm here to absorb some of your anxious feelings. With hundreds of events in my rear view mirror I have seen a lot and know how to react to even the more significant complications that might pop up.

I want to get to know you and what you like - the more I know, the more I can take items off your plate, bringing you ideas you'll LOVE and engaging directly with your vendors. Think of me as an event concierge - working to anticipate what you'll need and what can make the process easier for everyone involved!

I'm a great closer ... maybe you know what you like, but you aren't sure how to implement your style. I'll help you zero in on exactly how to make your vision a reality, in ways you never expected!

I love to collaborate visually. Been working on a Pinterest board or inspiration book for your wedding? I'll dive in and send you even more ideas as we put together the absolute best options to meet your goals.  

I'm adaptable. Every couple has a different set of time and money allowances. That's cool with me! Let's talk about how I can best help you.

So what's next?

We always start with a free consultation - maybe we meet for coffee or tea and start to chat about how we could work together. Authenticity is important to me, and while my packages show a small, medium, large approach we can always scale down (or blow it up!) depending on your ideas and needs.


No really, let *me* take care of that ...

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